Visits can be scheduled 1-3 times per day for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Each visit includes an emailed update, complete with photos.

Pet Sitting

Visits include both pet care and home care. Our visit checklist is customized to fit your family's needs. Some common tasks include: feeding, refilling waters, administering medication, walking/playtime, plant watering, adjusting lights/blinds, picking up mail, scooping waste, and taking out trash.

Dog Walking

visits can be exercise- or potty-focused. We offer private walks in your neighborhood with just your pets and a walker. Pet parents have the option of structured walks that reinforce leash training, or sniffing walks that are purely for exploring and potty time. Every walk is GPS-tracked and raises money for animal rescues throughout North America. If the pet is home alone, we are happy to also refill waters, serve meals/treats, and clean up any accidents.

Farm Care

is for multi-pet households that also keep livestock. All regular pet sitting tasks are included, in addition to farm tasks. Some common requests include: collecting eggs, mucking and re-bedding stalls, and refilling pools or troughs. Every animal will be provided fresh food and water, and have their enclosure cleaned and secured as directed.

Special Needs Med Assist

is designed to help pet parents or their family members administer a pet's medical treatments in the comfort of their own home. Common examples include: dosing pill or liquid medications, giving subcutaneous injections or fluids, and administering intramuscular injections.

If you require pet sitting or dog walking visits for a special needs animal, there is no need to schedule a med assist. Simply book the service you desire and we will go over their care routine in detail before service begins. Our regular services are available for all special needs pets, including those with medical treatments, physical disabilities, and behavioral challenges.